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Re: Testing cdebootstrap and debootstrap

Bastian Blank wrote:
> I'm going to change the behavior for standard and installer bootstraps
> to install complete required. Minimal and (build-)chroot installs or not
> affected.


> > I have never seen the point of the mbr package, but whatever. ;-)
> Standard i386 mbr which jumps into the first partition, lilo and grub
> are able to produce them also

Well, sure, but what's the point of installing the deb by default? d-i
installs a mbr when it makes the system bootable. I can think of very
few scenarios where one would want to install a mbr after the fact, and
none of them are common enough to install the mbr package by default.

I suspect that mbr being in the base system is a holdover from debian
0.96 or so, when the first thing you might want to do after installing
your debian system from floppies, and booting it from a floppy, was
manually make the system bootable from hard drive..

> > Without gettext-base, base-config will not be properly localised.
> Why doesn't it depend against? base-config is optional, gettext-base is
> standard.

That's an oversight in base-config, I will add the dependency
in the next upload.

> > I have not checked the base system for documentation available only as
> > info pages, but I suspect there is some, and so we should include a
> > reader, as we do for man and html pages.
> w3m is standard.

Sure, but my point is that if there is documentation in the base system
in info format, the base system should include a reader. Or the
documentation should be changed to a different format, or moved out of
base. Anyway, looks like you included info below, so I can shut up ..

> modconf		standard, installer	package is linux only

I don't know why this would be necessary with d-i.

see shy jo

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