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Re: I'm interested in helping with the installer "help text"

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2004-01-29 17:33:28 +0100]:
> (CC'ed just in case you aren't subscribed to -boot)

  Don't you have to be subscribed to post?  In any case, yes, I'm

> And, given your name, you're an english native spearker, aren't you?

  Definitely.  I'm also relatively advanced at reading/writing Spanish,
but there are probably others in the group more bilingual than me.

> All d-i debconf templates need some proofreading. A lot has already
> been done, but a few are maybe still awkward.
> So, if you have time to give to the d-i project, then proofreading the
> debconf templates should be a good help.

  Definitely; that's right up my alley.  One of my main ideas is that I
always thought the help text should very explicitly state "this is what
you should put in answer to this question if you don't understand the
question and want the safest answer", so I'd like to work on that kind
of thing...but, I'm not opposed to just doing simple proofreading
without changing the content if that's what the project wants.  Is the
goal to lean more toward "professional phrasing" or "informal if it
helps convey the information"?  While I do kind of pride myself on being
able to do both at once, sometimes they're a little mutually exclusive.

> So you have the correct information for doing this (where to grab
> templates files and son on)?

  I don't have anything yet; the email you replied to was the first real
interaction I've had with Debian (other than a couple of bug reports).

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