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Re: I'm interested in helping with the installer "help text"

(CC'ed just in case you aren't subscribed to -boot)

Quoting John Buttery (john@io.com):
>   Hello...I'm pretty much a rank newbie when it comes to contributing
> to Debian, but I'd really like to give something back to the community.
> Unfortunately I'm not a coder...but I have been told that I'm good at
> explaining complicated concepts in simple terms, so if there's any need
> for updates to the installer's "help screens" (or even the main text on
> the various screens), could someone give me a suggestion on where I
> might volunteer?

And, given your name, you're an english native spearker, aren't you?

All d-i debconf templates need some proofreading. A lot has already
been done, but a few are maybe still awkward.

So, if you have time to give to the d-i project, then proofreading the
debconf templates should be a good help.

So you have the correct information for doing this (where to grab
templates files and son on)?

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