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Re: beta 2 update

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I have several updates in my tree, waiting for alioth to get back
> online.  The last few days you are the only one that have been able to
> upload changes into the archive, as CVS no longer have been available
> to coordinate the development, and at least I have been waiting for it
> to get back before I could continue with my development.  I do not
> like this freeze, if it mean that my changes will not make it into the
> sarge release.
> Also, as I said earlier, the handling of serial console need to be
> cleaned up, and I've started on it but haven't finished.  This will
> affect several udebs, and need to happen to make sure serial consoles
> are handled in a consistent way.

Are you talking about the reported freeze in serial console after
languagechooser, or just a general, non-user-visible cleanup?

The former could be an errata item, or could even be fixed for non-i386
ports like mips for which serial console is more important than it is
for i386. 

The latter is not user visible, and like many random developmental
changes, is not something we will hold the beta for, or allow into the
beta. You have had 2 months since the last beta to make these changes.

> I think it is good to get beta 2 out the door, but also experience
> that it is foolish to ignore the problems caused by the breakin (still
> packages stuck in the NEW queue)

I am not aware of any packages stuck in the NEW queue; I have in fact
worked with several of the ftp-masters to get dozens of packages through
NEW with no delays over the past two weeks.

see shy jo

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