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Re: beta 2 update

[Joey Hess]
> Remember that the udebs in unstable should be considered frozen now,
> except for the changes needed for ports.

I have several updates in my tree, waiting for alioth to get back
online.  The last few days you are the only one that have been able to
upload changes into the archive, as CVS no longer have been available
to coordinate the development, and at least I have been waiting for it
to get back before I could continue with my development.  I do not
like this freeze, if it mean that my changes will not make it into the
sarge release.

Also, as I said earlier, the handling of serial console need to be
cleaned up, and I've started on it but haven't finished.  This will
affect several udebs, and need to happen to make sure serial consoles
are handled in a consistent way.

> If the i386 images look reasonably good in a couple of days, I am
> thinking about sending out a release announcement for beta 2 on i386
> (and any other ports that happened to be complete, hint hint) at
> that point. There's no reason to wait and let things get stale, I
> feel, if we have our final images.

I think it is good to get beta 2 out the door, but also experience
that it is foolish to ignore the problems caused by the breakin (still
packages stuck in the NEW queue), and problems caused by the death of
alioth (patches waiting to be commited by every d-i developer).  I
believe we should postpone the beta 2 release to at least 1 week after
alioth get back online.  We need at least one weekend with alioth
online before I am confident in making the beta 2 release.

I was planning to work on d-i this weekend, but desided to work on
other stuff because alioth was down.  I suspect others have it the
same way.

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