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beta 2 update

debian-installer in the debian archive has been branched for beta 2.
The udebs and installation images have been copied to testing. Changes
necessary to get ports working for beta 2 can be propigated into
testing; let me know about updated packages that need to go in.
However, I will likely only be forcing in[1] those udebs needed for a port
once that port is ready for beta 2, instead of trying to do it every

Similarly, once a port has final installation images for beta 1, they
can be copied over to testing.

Remember that the udebs in unstable should be considered frozen now,
except for the changes needed for ports.

Unless we find something badly wrong with them, the installation images
currently in testing for i386, and the Jan 3rd i386 isos will be the
final images used for beta 2 for i386. They seem pretty good, aside from
the various known problems, that will have to go in the errata. (Manty, I
think you were going to check the final images to see if the isolinux
boot problems were fixed, so now would be a good time to do that.)

We will need to change the CD build scripts around a bit now, so that
daily CDs are built (especially for non-i386 arches) that contain the
debs from testing, but the udebs from unstable (and appropriately
developmental versions of the initrds as well). This is so that we can
test that the udebs in unstable actually work before propigating them to
testing. Of course, we'll also want to keep the existing setup, so we
can build final CD images from testing, using the debs and udebs and
initrds in testing. I suppose we could call the former CDs daily, and
the latter CDs release candidates.

Along similar lines, if you need to test a udeb in unstable, and you
netboot or use a boot floppy, d-i will currently use the udeb from
sarge. To force it to use the udebs from unstable, we will need to add a
boot time parameter.

Currently I have the following planned release dates for the ports:

mips 17th tenative
ia64 12th (kernel date is unknown however)

powerpc is apprarently quite close to done, but noone has bothered to
send me an estimated completion date.

If the i386 images look reasonably good in a couple of days, I am
thinking about sending out a release announcement for beta 2 on i386
(and any other ports that happened to be complete, hint hint) at that
point. There's no reason to wait and let things get stale, I feel, if we
have our final images. Additional announcements would then go out as
ports finished up. I'm not sure about this and welcome feedback on the

see shy jo

[1] Or rather, relying on the gracious ftp-masters to do it.

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