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Re: Problem in debian-installer-demo

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> > Selected Portuguese (Brazil). One problem (well, a small problem) is 
> > that the languages are not sorted alphabetically.
> Yeah, this is bug #215210. You were running it in an xterm; if you run
> it instead on the linux console you'll get a different and better
> display of that list that is closer to how it appears in the real
> installer. (Depending on the kernel you're running and whether the frame

Well, that language sorting a really a problem. Currently, languages
are sorted more or less erratically, depending on the way the word
"Choose" is translated. 

This with a hungarian choice at the beginning with looks quite
outdated (but I don't speak hungarian at all...just an impression)

I have no really good suggestion for sorting languages there,
however....maybe the current mess is the only solution.

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