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Re: Is it wise to use discover in d-i?

mån 2003-03-24 klockan 09.37 skrev Thorsten Sauter:
> > Is it only me being concerned about the state of discover?  Is there
> > anything more I can do to help?
> Coudn't we use the RedHat discovering tool? I thing it's better under
> development and support more hardware (RedHat needs to extend the
> supported haradware everytime)

I played a bit with kudzu (Red Hat's hardware detection thingy) and it
has a nice C and Python API, and on the three "computers" (my normal
work station, my laptop and vmware) I tried it on it was very fast.
1) It prints non-devfs names even on a devfs machine. This is probably
not an issue, as I don't think any udebs are actually using the device
names from discover.
2) It doesn't find pcnet32 or via-rhine (the NICs in vmware and my

It does say 8139too for RTL card though. ;)

I think we should wait for discover2 and see what it does. Kudzu doesn't
seem much better than discover1...

Another thing, I think it's better to run a full hardware detection scan
as early as possible. We won't be able to load many of those modules,
but if we can categorize them and store them somewhere smart,
cdrom-detect can then load the cdrom-related modules and look for CDs,
ethdetect can load network-related modules et.c.

Martin Sjögren
  sjogren@debian.org -- marvin@dum.chalmers.se
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