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Re: [important] CVS-generated email shouldn't go here

Le Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 01:37:04PM -0600, Adam DiCarlo écrivait:
> Oh my.  I didn't even realize that debian-installer wasn't a package.
> Maybe I should burst out the debian-installer/* commits to their
> actual source packages instead.  That sounds like a better plan.  The
> only problem there is that if people want all the CVS commit msgs for
> debian-installer, they have a few PTS subscriptions to do...
> Thoughts?

That's too complicated just to get the CVS commits. In fact, I don't
have a problem with the CVS commits in the list itself. We can always
filter them with procmail ... :)

The fake package in the PTS is ok for me, as long as it's well
documented. A debian-boot-cvs list would be ok for me too. 

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