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Re: [important] CVS-generated email shouldn't go here

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 10:18:08AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Le Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 01:01:40AM +0000, Colin Watson ?crivait:
> > Raphael, you'd have to add support for a debian-installer_cvs
> > pseudo-source-package to the PTS manually, I suppose. Would it work?
> > How? What would the web pages say for it?
> Everything works automagically, I don't need any override. Anything
> sent to xx_cvs@p.q.d.o is automatically forwarded to the subscribers
> of entry xx who have the keyword "cvs" enabled.

Oh, I see. What about the virtual source package, since debian-installer
isn't really the source package for all of these?

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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