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Re: adam di carlo is back

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 11:01:47PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> * Adam DiCarlo [Mon, Dec 09 2002, 12:42:01AM]:
> > No, I'm not the man for that.  Eduard Bloch is the man for that.  I
> > agree we should release it ASAP. I remember he was looking for another
> > fix.  Maybe he can elucidate.
> My plan so far was: 
>  - get updated kernel packages for architectures that need it. I expect
>    2.4.20-bf2.4/i386 soon, with fixed Ext3, of course
>  - tag and start building of bf-3.0.24 short after 3.0r1. Joey is going
>    to release 3.0r1 very soon.
> I think, the problems with s390 and m86k are kinda nasty, but can wait

<flamebait>its m68k, but I knew you were ignoring us</flamebait>

> till the begin of 2003. Boot-Floppies should have some testing before.
> There are IMHO too many changes commited (or outstanding) for making a
> rash release just to get it into r1.

rash release? I've asked the first time when, in September? I haven't seen
the sun for a month, but I thinks its December by now. The 3.0.24 build on
my klecker page works just fine, because when I built it, there weren't many
changes, except for people trying to break documentation, and the m68k fix.
If it were possible, we could use just this, but then arches would be out of
sync. I guess by breaking some rules, I could still get the fix for m68k in,
but I guess its not worth it, imagine how many people had to update their
another-evil-debian-problem-and-here-comes-my-clever-fix webpage, plus I
have no access to my box at the moment... and you're right, it might be too
late now, although I did not check the changelog if there actually were any
changes in bf?

> Oh, and I won't work on BFs till the end of the week (exams), so if
> someone wants to make a new release ASAP, begin contacting the b-f
> building people, tell Joey to wait another 2 weeks, etc. etc. we _could_
> use 2.4.19-bf2.4 for i386, but should we?

In case anybody should be waiting for new kernels on m68k, don't...

<no sarcasm>Good luck with your exams, they are of course more important!


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