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RFC: keyboard installer


I'm working on the keyboard installer, and have been reviewing bug
#47913, and its brought up an issue:

During install, we select early on 	
	(1) a language
	(2) a keyboard (for the installer, at least).
We install the appropriate keyboard, and console font, and continue.
We should also include these in the base system. And heres the question.

(e.g if we do an install onto a box without a keyboard, we don't need
console-data, console-tools installed. Otherwise, we probably do, to
ensure the user can type correctly, see text in native language,etc).

If we are doing a serial install, headless box, then we don't need a
keyboard & console font, and don't need them in the base system,
otherwise we do.
So how do I set up and defer install of a set of a deb/udeb onto base,
to be done later on in the install (is this documented somewhere?)

Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@debian.org>
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