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Re: adam di carlo is back

#include <hallo.h>
* Adam DiCarlo [Mon, Dec 09 2002, 12:42:01AM]:

> > I've asked here twice for a new release of the (woody) boot-floppies, since
> > they fix a problem which is present in the current m68k version. It would be
> > nice, if this could be released before 3.0.1 is made. Unless we sneak in the
> > version I put on my p.d.o pages...
> > 
> > Maybe you're the man?
> No, I'm not the man for that.  Eduard Bloch is the man for that.  I
> agree we should release it ASAP. I remember he was looking for another
> fix.  Maybe he can elucidate.

My plan so far was: 

 - get updated kernel packages for architectures that need it. I expect
   2.4.20-bf2.4/i386 soon, with fixed Ext3, of course
 - tag and start building of bf-3.0.24 short after 3.0r1. Joey is going
   to release 3.0r1 very soon.
I think, the problems with s390 and m86k are kinda nasty, but can wait
till the begin of 2003. Boot-Floppies should have some testing before.
There are IMHO too many changes commited (or outstanding) for making a
rash release just to get it into r1.

Oh, and I won't work on BFs till the end of the week (exams), so if
someone wants to make a new release ASAP, begin contacting the b-f
building people, tell Joey to wait another 2 weeks, etc. etc. we _could_
use 2.4.19-bf2.4 for i386, but should we?

das problem ist nun das ich die configure skripte damit nicht überlisten
                                        -- morgoth in #debian.de

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