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Re: Language selection: cdebconf and main-menu

On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 09:39:25PM -0800, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > Does it mean that cdebconf should not use the LANGUAGE environment variable
> > at all?  If not, what is the exact role of this variable and the debconf
> > question?
> well... i'm not clear on why we have LANGUAGE and don't use either
> LC_MESSAGES or LC_ALL. Isn't that the standard way to define locales?
> instead of using getenv("LANGUAGE") we could use setlocale(3) ....

Because it lets you define a list of languages, e.g.
if I want French messages by default, German when they are not available,
and of course fallback to English if none exist.  The LANGUAGE variable
is an extension of GNU libc.
Having a colon separated list of languages is implemented in cdebconf.

> actually i don't mind using an environment variable for this purpose,
> I'm just not comfortable with adding random debconf commands to
> cdebconf if we can avoid it.

Ok, but I know nothing about signal handling, so someone else has to
implement it.
Note: Joey Hess pointed out on IRC that the 'seen' flag must not be stored
 in database before session is over, otherwise backing up won't work.  We
 have to store seen question names in a new confmodule member, and set
 'seen' flag when leaving session.  When signal is caught, we must not
 lose this list of seen questions.


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