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Re: Language selection: cdebconf and main-menu

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 09:18:48PM -0800, Randolph Chung wrote:
> >   * In cdebconf, implement this new X_SET_LANGUAGE command.
> > Note that the language list is hardcoded in main-menu/language.c and not
> > in languagechooser/debian/{postinst,templates}.  In fact, as language
> > selection is driven by main-menu, I suggest not to add the languagechooser
> > package and instead add its template under main-menu wings.
> why do we need to implement a special command to do this? 
> this command is non-standard (not in the debconf spec)...  this seems
> very much like a hack to me.
> I'd rather have the language setting be read from the debconf database,
> and have a mechanism to trigger cdebconf to re-read the debconf database
> (e.g. when getting a SIGHUP). i remember there were some discussions
> along the same lines some time ago.
> will that do what you want?

Does it mean that cdebconf should not use the LANGUAGE environment variable
at all?  If not, what is the exact role of this variable and the debconf


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