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Re: coding style

* "Robin Rowe" 

| So, C++ indentation style is superior with all things equal, even for new C
| programmers. Compatibility with existing code in C style and the retraining
| inconvenience to existing C programmers may make C style a better compromise
| in some circumstances.

I doubt it.  It's not like you are learning a new language.  You are
just getting accustomed to a little change in how the language is

| From a typing standpoint, tabs are much less effort for most than spaces.

uhm, do you actually type the spaces?  I just press tab and since I
know how to configure my editor, it indents correctly.

| There are good reasons to desire coding style, but sometimes it is about
| power. The third goal, listed but not presumed here, is to have an excuse to
| interfere.

yeah, sure.  It's because I want utter and full control of the
installer, because I'm some power-hungry maniac.

Don't be silly.  This is not about power.  It came after multiple
proddings from one of the most active contributors.  As for myself, I
have something resembling responsibility for getting this thing into

| On a practical note there are tools to convert from one style to another. It
| is possible to have programmers use any style, then make the code consistent
| by machine. If absolute consistency is a goal, this is the only workable
| approach.

this is to keep the developers from going insane, it's not a fascist
regime of some sort.  having a set of rules about how the source is
supposed to be formatted is necessary for reaching our goals.

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