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Re: codingstyle?

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> After multiple proddings by Martin Sjögren, I've finally gotten around
> to writing down at least something which can become a coding style wrt
> bracing, tabs/notabs and such.

I have an alternate suggestion that is more in keeping with one of my
original desires for debian-installer -- one that has been obscured a
little bit lately. 

One of the things I wanted to see happen with debian-installer was to
move the various peices of the installer as much into debian proper as
possible. This involved, like it talks about in goals.txt, trying to
move as much code out of the initial install, and into the more
general-purpose base system. 

It also involved breaking d-i into modules, not only for design reasons,
but for social reasons: So that each module would be easily
understandable and approachable, and so that each module would, like a
regular debian package, have a maintainer who felt personally
responsible for it.

Now, I worked against this a bit by checking everything into public cvs,
and lately I have not had much to do with the d-i modules that had my
name on them because I am not working much on this project right now,
and I have been happy with the work that has been done with anna and
main-menu and wget-retreiver, and the other bits that still have my name
in their control files. Anyway, I guess we've lost sight of this
original desire of mine to have d-i modules be something that an
individual owned and was responsible for. Maybe I never even articulated
it fully online.

Anyway, the conclusion of all this is that the owner of a peice of code
is the one who gets to make indentation decisions, and mistakes like
this one:          ;-)

> no tabs.  spaces.  four spaces.

And that's fine, as long as they're not obnoxiously horrible with their
indentation, or variable names, or whatever other points of code style
might be dragged out. We can't afford to let someone do something
completly gross with their code in d-i (like use hungarian notation or
something?), since we're stuck with the modules we have and they're all
part of the system (not just random free software programs that can be
swapped out as on a regular linux system), and we need to be able to
make emergency fixes. But we should be able to allow the maintainer of a
peice of code in d-i considerable leeway.

Since I have not worked on any of d-i lately except for the build/
directory, I would be glad to hand the stuff that still claims to be
owned by me over to someone who has already been committing on it. I
should have done that a while ago. And then you can indent it however
you like. It's easy enough to run it through a program to clean up any
mistaken indenting at a later date after all.

see shy jo

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