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After multiple proddings by Martin Sjögren, I've finally gotten around
to writing down at least something which can become a coding style wrt
bracing, tabs/notabs and such.

This is not a final version.  This is what I'd like to see.

no tabs.  spaces.  four spaces.
opening braces on opening line
closing braces unindented to the correct level


        if (x is true) {
                we do y

and as in CodingStyle from the kernel:

Note that the closing brace is empty on a line of its own, _except_ in
the cases where it is followed by a continuation of the same statement,
ie a "while" in a do-statement or an "else" in an if-statement, like

        do {
                body of do-loop
        } while (condition);


        if (x == y) {
        } else if (x > y) {
        } else {
Rationale: K&R. 

Name stuff sanely.  Try to stay away from globals.

(yes, this pretty loose, basically it's K&R.)

Any thoughts, ideas, flames?

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