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Re: Woody Installation

Am 18:16 08/09/02 +0200 hat Tollef Fog Heen geschrieben:
>* Axel Schlicht 

>You can choose kernels etc by choosing which CD to use.

I have tried the first and the second CD, - only 2.2.20 
availlable. After installing I must make an 

        apt-get install kernel-image-2-4-18


>| How do I find out how to find out how to find out any information on
>| anything in Debian?
>Read the docs?

The Docs installed are nothing for beginners !!!
Use wget recursive on www.linuxdoc.org ore something like this ?

>uhm, what OS does _not_ have a CVS client those days?

WfW 3.11 ;-)  

I like it.

>UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are      : :' 



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