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Re: corrupt sbm.bin

Le Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 02:05:00PM +0200, Hannes Wenzel écrivait:
> I'm unable wether to mount it nor to boot from it. 
> What do you mean with 'boot manager'? I guess the role of a boot manager is to 
> boot from it?!?!? 8-|
> How do I handle this disk?

Please read README.sbm :

| About the Smart Boot Manager image
| ----------------------------------
|   The file `sbm.bin' that is available in this directory may be useful
|   to you if you are not able to directly boot the first CD because your
|   BIOS may be too old and may not support ISOLINUX.
|   Then, instead of booting on the CD directly, you create a Smart Boot
|   Manager floppy image by using the sbm.bin disk image. You can create this
|   floppy with rawrite (under DOS) or with dd (under Linux). Now you can
|   boot on this floppy disk and it will detect your CDROM and let you boot
|   on it bypassing any BIOS limitation.
| What is SBM ?
|   Smart Boot Manager or briefly SmartBtmgr (SBM), is an OS independent
|   Boot Manager - a program that is loaded by the bios before any
|   operating system and allows you to choose which operating system to
|   boot.
|   SBM is included in Debian in two ways, the package bmconf allows us to
|   install and configure an old version of SBM and sbm wich is the latest
|   version of SBM with an installer.
| What's the use of SBM on the CD then ?
|   SBM includes an IDE driver that allows us to boot the cds even on
|   machines with a BIOS that wouldn't support booting from CD, provided our
|   CDROM is an IDE one, that is, so you can make a SBM floppy and boot from
|   it and then tell it to boot from your CDROM.
|   Also, there are some cases where the BIOS would allow booting from the CD
|   but isolinux fails to boot from there, in this case you can either boot
|   using a CD other than the first, as the others don't use isolinux, or you
|   can make a SBM floppy and boot from this floppy and then tell SBM to boot
|   your CDROM.
| How do you make a SBM floppy ?
|   If you have SBM installed on a box you can run sbminst. Otherwise you can
|   put the sbm.bin floppy image that we provide with our cds onto a floppy
|   just like you would do with a rescue image.

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