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Re: Woody Installation

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 12:25:45PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 18:16 08/09/02 +0200 hat Tollef Fog Heen geschrieben:

> >| How do I find out how to find out how to find out any information on
> >| anything in Debian?
> >
> >Read the docs?
> The Docs installed are nothing for beginners !!!
> Use wget recursive on www.linuxdoc.org ore something like this ?

Well, doc-linux-text is part of the standard installation (i.e. if you
allow the installer to run either dselect or tasksel), and puts the
documents from www.linuxdoc.org (now www.tldp.org or en.tldp.org) in

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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