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Re: Localized default values (was Re: [d-i] Problems with various debconf templates)

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 09:07:47AM +0200, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> > Seriously my feeling is that users are getting bored when they
> > choose a language and provided default values do not take this
> > information into accout (when choosing keyboard layout, mirrors,
> > default system language, etc.).
> I had an idea on this yesterday, I'm not sure if {c,}debconf supports
> it. In templates.fr, you could have:
> Description: foo
>  bar
> Description-fr: <foo>
>  <bar>
> Default: ftp.d.o
> Default-fr_FR: ftp.fr.d.o
> Default-fr_CA: ftp.ca.d.o
> Default-fr_XX: ftp.xx.d.o

My feeling is that this is exactly what we should do. Or even better, 
Default-??_FR: ftp.fr.d.o
Default-??_CA: ftp.ca.d.o
Default-??_US: ftp.d.o
Ie, allow to set default not depending on the language, but on the country.
But of course, it'll be a nightmare to implement this. And moreover, I guess
it's the only template it will be used (with timezone). I guess that if I
would live in america, I'll still use A4 paper size, but I'm not sure.
> Et.c. As I said, I'm not sure if debconf is happy about it, and I'm not
> sure it's a good idea either, but it would enable more "intelligent"
> default values. You'd ask the user for language and country early in the
> installation. This could also carry over to be default locale in the
> target system (and indeed, the user might expect it to be).

Thanks, Mt.

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