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Re: [d-i] Problems with various debconf templates

sön 2002-09-08 klockan 23.09 skrev Denis Barbier:
> > But still, language is orthogonal to country. You don't want to
> > translate the country, not even the default value. If we always used the
> > ll_CC notation it would be possible, but it would be a lot of redundancy
> > involved.
> In another email you told having misunderstood my position, now it's my turn
> to try to misunderstand you ;)
> What is your position about hostnames?
>   Template: mirror/http/mirror
>   Type: select
>   Choices: ${mirrors}
>   Default: http.us.debian.org
> I definitely want to add
>   Default-fr: ftp.fr.debian.org
> but am I the only translator interested in providing better defaults when
> they are locale-dependent?

France != French. Isn't French spoken in quite a lot more countries than
France? For example Canada...

Also, a pretty standard policy when translating things is to try not to
change the "meaning" of the text. If I'm in the USA while installing
Debian, I might want to use Swedish during the installation, though I
definitely don't want to use ftp.se.d.o. Yes, I can change back the
default, but isn't the "Usually, ftp.<your country code>.debian.org is a
good choice." enough?

We had a discussion about it on IRC a while back, I can't seem to find
it in my logs though :(


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