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Re: [d-i] Problems with various debconf templates

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 10:36:41AM +0200, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> mån 2002-09-02 klockan 10.27 skrev Denis Barbier:
> > I was unclear, sorry, here is the problematic template:
> >   Template: mirror/country
> >   Type: select
> >   Choices: ${countries}
> >   Default: United States
> >   Description: Use a mirror from what country?
> >    The goal is to find a mirror that is close to you on the network -- be
> >    aware that near countries, or even your own, may not be the best choice.
> But still, language is orthogonal to country. You don't want to
> translate the country, not even the default value. If we always used the
> ll_CC notation it would be possible, but it would be a lot of redundancy
> involved.

In another email you told having misunderstood my position, now it's my turn
to try to misunderstand you ;)
What is your position about hostnames?
  Template: mirror/http/mirror
  Type: select
  Choices: ${mirrors}
  Default: http.us.debian.org

I definitely want to add
  Default-fr: ftp.fr.debian.org
but am I the only translator interested in providing better defaults when
they are locale-dependent?


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