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Localized default values (was Re: [d-i] Problems with various debconf templates)

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 11:51:43PM +0200, Martin Sjögren wrote:
> France != French. Isn't French spoken in quite a lot more countries than
> France? For example Canada...

Isn't English spoken in quite a lot more countries than United States? ;)
Why is United States a good default value whereas France is not for French
speaking people?

> Also, a pretty standard policy when translating things is to try not to
> change the "meaning" of the text.

Huh?  I only want to change the default value, how does it have an impact
on the meaning of the text?

> If I'm in the USA while installing Debian, I might want to use
> Swedish during the installation, though I definitely don't want
> to use ftp.se.d.o. Yes, I can change back the default,


> but isn't the "Usually, ftp.<your country code>.debian.org is a
> good choice." enough?

Then why is a default value provided?

Seriously my feeling is that users are getting bored when they
choose a language and provided default values do not take this
information into accout (when choosing keyboard layout, mirrors,
default system language, etc.).


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