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Re: Woody Installation

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Axel Schlicht
> | > Make a new initrd or compile your own kernel?
> | No sources on my CD set. Will try and have al look at initrd
> man mkinitrd is a good start.
found the sources, am on my way.
> | > you still need a kernel driver.
> |
> | Shouldn't lp alone do the work. Normally I compile my own kernel, but
> | without sources...
> I think you need both.
Compiling will do it, as before.

> | Where to find them (debian specific) if you don't know where to
> | start looking.  Serious question.
> The install manual has a lot of information.
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/release-notes/ch-moreinfo.en.html
> has some pointers.
I have been given many good links so far. Will delve into the whole
> | > We are not your servants.  We do our best.  Throwing shit in our face
> | > is useless.
> | Of course not. If it came over like that, sorry.
> | The problems I have might also be the problems of others. Maybe
> | providing more info during installation might make debian more
> | appealing.
> Sure, it's just a bit demotivating to mostly getting reports saying
> Ťthis doesn't work, this doesn't workť, some in a quite harsh tone.  I
> apologize for my harsh reply, I should have known better than to
> answer that way.
I might have shown too much of my frustration, but this is the first
time I ever had such a hassle with Debien / Linux.

> | > | What happens if you accidentally hit no. Will the next scan delete the
> | > I suggest you use dselect or aptitude, since you know what you want
> | > and don't want.
> |
> | But the big question is: What's it called and where is it. As the
> | CD-structure has greatly changed from a task / field-oriented to a
> | first_letter_of_app_name-structure it's quite difficult to search no.
> | apt-cache might not always be helpful.
> aptitude is a package browser, similar to dselect (but has a lot
> better UI).  There you can also peek at what the different tasks
> depends on
Will give it a closer look.

> | > | xdm? I don't want any graphical login.
> | > Then don't install xdm.
> | I never asked for them. During another installation (on my laptop) I was
> | presented a menu from which to choose a gdm without a choice to say no,
> | thanks, don't want this. Somehow it seems to default to installing a
> | gdm.

> The desktop task, most likely.  Please file a wishlist bug against
> against {kdm,xdm,gdm} asking them to offer a choice Ťnoneť.
Will file - as suggested - several bugs soon.
> | > | Binutils: Kernel link failure info. Nice. Affects which kernels? 2.2.*,
> | > | 2.4.*
> | > | 2.2.17 in Potato (2.2.r0) did link OK). Info should be saved to disk, so
> | > | scribbling down again.
> | > It is.
> | Where? And (once again) how do I find out if and where something is
> | written?
> It should be sent to root's mailbox, and it should have been
> documented under /usr/share/doc/binutils (which I just checked, and it
> doesn't seem to be).
There was no mail, not even the normal welcome mail, but mail hasn't
been configured yet.
So, mea culpa.

> | > Then I suggest you sit down and write that documentation.  Scratch
> | > your own itch.
> |
> | I would be willing to do so, but as I hate programming, I won't read
> | source code. If the programmers did provide at least a short (and
> | complete) list of keywords and an outline of the way they intend their
> | programs to work + how to find that list, I should be starting out quite
> | soon.
> (speaking for myself here): I suck at documentation.  If a person asks
> how something works (or is supposed to work), I can tell them, quite
> well, but there is something which makes it hard for me to write
> decent docs.  If somebody like you came along and asked all those
> questions, I'd be happy to answer.
Let me get networking / gatewaying etc. done and I will start out.
> | > uhm, what OS does _not_ have a CVS client those days?
> |
> | But: I cannot connect using Linux, and it's not possible to do so under
> | Windows. So offering a second way of accessing them might be a good
> | idea.
> WinCVS?  Or, you can download them off the web using viewCVS (the web
> interface), though the latter is most likely quite painful,
> considering the number of files.
Hope with a working DSL connection this problem will be history.

> | In closing.
> | Imagine somebody new to Linux. Wouldn't you too like Linux to be easier
> | to install. the more information you find during installation, the
> | easier it will be to install. Information available AFTER you installed
> | will not be accessible while you install. So my plea here is to provide
> | more of it during installation.
> Indeed.  Which is why I am spending a lot of time rewriting the
> installation system right now. :)  It'll be a lot better.
Please continue.

Thanks again for the long and helpful answer

Axel Schlicht

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