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Re: Woody Installation

Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

> > > 4. About the cdrom mount point. I *think* that Debian have a 'preferred'
> > >    cdrom. Once you have a system set up, you should make a link from
> > >    your /dev/sr0 to /dev/cdrom. In this way every program that try to
> > >    access your cdrom will find it in /dev/cdrom regardless of which is
> > >    your real cdrom device (scsi, ide, ...)
> > >    The usual mount point for the cdrom in /cdrom. After Debian is
> > >    installed you usually find a line like this one in /etc/fstab
> > >    /dev/cdrom /cdrom iso9660 defaults,ro,user,exec,noauto
> > I would like to have apt read from /mnt/cd32. Which file do I have to
> > tweak now? I. e. whre does apt store ist predilection for /cdrom or is
> > it compiled in?
> from 'man apt-cdrom':
>        --cdrom
>               Mount  point;  specify  the  location  to mount the
>               cdrom.  This  mount  point  must   be   listed   in
>               /etc/fstab  and  propely configured.  Configuration
>               Item: Acquire::cdrom::mount.
Was also answered by others. Will have to do some reading.
> > > 9. mail. On a Debian system you need at least local mail in order to
> > >    deliver mail from cron. If you use exim, then you may choice from a
> > >    menu that will permit you a 'local delivery only' installation. You
> > >    may run eximconfig anytime to change it.
> > Local mail is installed and will soon be configured, but I have to
> > retrieve mail from several ISPs and also want to read several languages
> > not using Roman characters. Will ask this again in debian-isp.
> You may use fetchmail to get your email, then probably any MUA (mail
> user agent) will work. I think that you could use mutt on a utf-8
> enabled xterm. Better solutions in debian-user mailing list.
I will ask again and in more detail on debian-isp.

> > > 10. Security update. This a different source for your apt. You may
> > >    insert it in /etc/apt/sources.list and then run the apt frontend you
> > >    like. The question about using root is strange: you need to have root
> > >    privilege to install any package in Debian. There is no special rule
> > >    in using security update since they are normal packages that fixes
> > >    security bug in a stable distribution like woody.
> > To run apt-get, you must be root, so that means to access the web as
> > root. I don't like the idea. Is there a way to do this wothout being
> > root?
> You have to be root. If you don't want to be root than you could
> probably give the right to use apt to some user vua the program called
> sudo.
I just hate to have an outgoing connection as root. Maybe I will find /
be told a good way to secure my system.

Thanks a lot again

Axel Schlicht

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