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Re: Design information on D-I compared to dbootstrap ? and more.

David Kimdon wrote:
I wrote:
> > 
> > I would also like to see if there is any possibility 
> > of me doing some smaller hacking into the old boot 
> > floppies package to do some smaller workaround fixes.
> sure.  No big changes or new features will likely be accepted into cvs
> but bug fixes are encouraged.  If you have new features that are
> obviously correct, tested and won't break anything they might be
> accepted as well.  If you need to make bigger changes you can fork
> development and keep your own tree.

As I have yet to see the code I don't know what 
possible hacks that are in a simple reach. 
I do know this however: 

Any code change that is done by me will only be 
applicable to the i386 plattform. 

This condition alone might result in that Any changes 
done by me will result in a separate cvs, right ?
Or do you perhaps store separate cvs trees on 
architectural basis ?

The same thing goes for any "by me" doc-translation 
into swedish. I have some IMO good reasons not to bother
with documents that concerns any other plattform than x86.

Kind regards

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