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Re: Design information on D-I compared to dbootstrap ? and more.

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 01:52:31AM +0200, Daniel Mose wrote:
> Hi! 
> Questions:
> 1.  I'm curious to know how debian-installer is designed
>     in comparance to boot floppies that I have for woody.
>     perhaps someone can point me in a direction to useful.
>     information.
>     Are there such things as installstep-ordered screen 
>     snapshots available for instance?

For the new installer, that is a long way off. For the existing
release, there were some shots done about 6 months ago. Try 
searching the list for a link, I think they were done with bochs.

The new installer is being designed to be more modular, using a new
improved version of debconf as its workhorse. The existing design is
more of a monolithic application; it uses slang and newt.

> 2.  Is there a half or so functional (and compiled ?)
>     preview version available ?     Where ?  

i386, is apparently buildable. 


> 3.  I'm planning to translate parts of Debian Woody 
>     Installation manual into Swedish, I'm wondering
>     if there is any point in doing so, or if this 
>     instruction manual will be completely rewritten
>     for the coming introduction of debian installer.

The new installer will be for the next major release of Debian,
planned for maybe six months but more realistically a year down the
road. While the best time to translate would have been last March when
we were preparing the current release, any contributions you make will
be shown on the website and incorporated into future point releases of

Also, much of the manual concerning hardware support, preparation,
base configuration, and post install will still apply, and it would
surprise me if the basic steps are not similar for the text-based
installer being designed.

>     Is the new Installation manual being written now?
>     Then by whome ?

We will start from the former Progeny manual which was donated to 
the project when Progeny closed. It's likely that a GUI portion of
the new installer will use pgi. At this point, though, we are still
working on the code for the installer itself; so no work has started 
on any documentation.

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