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Design information on D-I compared to dbootstrap ? and more.



1.  I'm curious to know how debian-installer is designed
    in comparance to boot floppies that I have for woody.
    perhaps someone can point me in a direction to useful.
    Are there such things as installstep-ordered screen 
    snapshots available for instance?

2.  Is there a half or so functional (and compiled ?)
    preview version available ?     Where ?  

3.  I'm planning to translate parts of Debian Woody 
    Installation manual into Swedish, I'm wondering
    if there is any point in doing so, or if this 
    instruction manual will be completely rewritten
    for the coming introduction of debian installer.
    Is the new Installation manual being written now?
    Then by whome ?
I want to find all this out in order to feel comfortable 
in distributing a Debian CD set in Sweden.    

Happy for directions or more.

Kind Regards 

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