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Re: Design information on D-I compared to dbootstrap ? and more.

Chris Tillman wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 01:52:31AM +0200, Daniel Mose wrote:
> > Hi! 
> > 
> > Questions:
> > 
> > 1.  I'm curious to know how debian-installer is designed
> >     in comparance to boot floppies that I have for woody.
> >     perhaps someone can point me in a direction to useful.
> >     information.
> >     Are there such things as installstep-ordered screen 
> >     snapshots available for instance?
> For the new installer, that is a long way off. For the existing
> release, there were some shots done about 6 months ago. Try 
> searching the list for a link, I think they were done with bochs.

I downloaded some pgi graphical screen shots from the progeny 
website. Are those the ones ?
> The new installer is being designed to be more modular, using a new
> improved version of debconf as its workhorse. The existing design is
> more of a monolithic application; it uses slang and newt.

This would imply that a lot of design work is still 
done then ?  
I will probably have more questions later when 
I've read everything. I hope you bare with me :)

I quess we are talking strictly about D-I deve-
lopment, and not the old boot floppies in context 
of design.
As It now seems I will be using boot-floppies for 
a while on, I'm curious to know a bit more of other 
peoples earlier concerns with this installation 

Is there some gathered collection of intallaton 
difficulties or design complaints over the years ?

I would also like to see if there is any possibility 
of me doing some smaller hacking into the old boot 
floppies package to do some smaller workaround fixes.

What language was woodys debootstrap developed in?

Are the debian bootfloppies still maintained ?
by whome ?

> >     
> >     Is the new Installation manual being written now?
> >     Then by whome ?
> We will start from the former Progeny manual which was donated to 
> the project when Progeny closed. It's likely that a GUI portion of
> the new installer will use pgi. At this point, though, we are still
> working on the code for the installer itself; so no work has started 
> on any documentation.

Thanks. I downloaded the progeny manual, faq, etc.
As I said above I will return later for some followup.

Kind regards

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