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Re: cvs commit to mklibs by dwhedon

On Fri Aug 09, 2002 at 08:31:59AM -0700, David Kimdon wrote:
> > Our of curiosity, which version of uClibc are you working with?
> 0.9.12, IIRC
> > uClibc does cause apps to link vs the dynamic linker these days.
> > Are you using the 6 month old stuff from Woody?
> hmm, I wonder if I missed something.  0.9.12 isn't 6 months old, more
> like 2.

Unfortunately, the version in woody is 0.9.9 (from back in

FYI, I just released 0.9.13 about 20 minutes ago.  I included
that _pic.a symlink patch for you.  This release is looking
very solid so far,


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