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Re: Design information on D-I compared to dbootstrap ? and more.

Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 01:52:31AM +0200 wrote:
> Hi! 
> Questions:
> 1.  I'm curious to know how debian-installer is designed
>     in comparance to boot floppies that I have for woody.
>     perhaps someone can point me in a direction to useful.
>     information.
checkout the debian-installer cvs module on cvs.debian.org
(debian-boot repository).

>     Are there such things as installstep-ordered screen 
>     snapshots available for instance?

> 2.  Is there a half or so functional (and compiled ?)
>     preview version available ?     Where ?  

> 3.  I'm planning to translate parts of Debian Woody 
>     Installation manual into Swedish, I'm wondering
>     if there is any point in doing so, or if this 
>     instruction manual will be completely rewritten
>     for the coming introduction of debian installer.
This should be answered by someone other than me.  There may be parts
of the old installation manual that can be re-used but I expect much
of it will be completely re-written.

>     Is the new Installation manual being written now?
I don't believe so.

>     Then by whome ?

> I want to find all this out in order to feel comfortable 
> in distributing a Debian CD set in Sweden.    


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