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Re: autopartkit

[Raphael Hertzog]
> http://logiciels-libres-cndp.ac-versailles.fr/
> But it's french only ... it has been announced a few weeks ago
> and was quoted in DWN.

Aha.  To bad I don't read French.  I believe I remember something
about that one.  I should have a closer look when there are some
English information available.

> Oh. Then send me the patches, I can commit them for you (as I do for
> debian-cd with you). :-)

I finally got write access.  I'll try to merge our changes.
Unfortunately, I just discovered that the sources are very different.
I'm not sure what Tollef did to the source before he imported it into
the Skolelinux CVS, but it will not be a simple merge.  I will have to
check with him what he changed outside CVS.

> It's not me, but Wartan Hachaturow <wart@debian.org> who did the job. :)


>> I'm currently working on support for more file systems, and
>> reorganizing the source to be able to get a list of planned
>> partitions before the changes are committed to disk.  I also want
>> to split the task in two, one program to do the partitioning based
>> on a configuration file, and one part choosing the profile based on
>> debconf answers.  I still have lots of it left. :-)
> Can you explain in more details what you mean with "choosing the
> profile" ?

The Skolelinux project present the user with three profile options;
Server, LTSP-server and Workstation.  Any and all of these three can
be chosen (multiselect).  The partition table can be different if you
choose server, server+ltsp-server, server+workstation or
tlsp-server+workstation.  I believe the best way to handle this is to
split the partition tool in two, one doing the partitioning work, and
one choosing which partition profile.  This way, the partitioning tool
can be shared between Debian and Skolelinux, while the profile chooser
can be written to meet the needs for Skolelinux.

> Anyway, I'm looking forward to your job.

It will take a few days, as the sources have very different
organisation. :-(

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