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d-i udebs up-to-dateness of archive

udeb			version in cvs	version in sid	needs upload
anna			0.008		0.007		yes
libdebian-installer	0.02		0.02		no
main-menu		0.012		0.011		not yet[1]
rootskel		0.07		0.07		no
cdrom-retriever		0.01		n/a		yes!
choose-mirror		0.008		0.007		not yet[1]
file-retriever		0.004		0.003		yes
wget-retriever		0.010		0.009		not yet[1]
autopartkit		0.02		n/a		if used?[1][2]
base-installer		0.006		0.006		no
cdebconf		0.20	not yet[1]
cdrom-detect		0.02		n/a		not yet[1][2]
ddetect			0.13		0.10		not yet[1][2]
grub-installer		n/a[3]		n/a		??
kdetect			0.1-1		n/a		if used?
lilo-installer		0.0.1		n/a		yes!
lmod-detect-pci		0.5-1		n/a		if used?
netcfg			0.13		0.10		not yet[1][2]
partkit			0.02		n/a		yes[1][2]
prebaseconfig		0.006		n/a		probably
selectdevice		0.1-2		n/a		probably[1][2]
udpkg			0.006		0.006		yes, if used
debian-installer-utils	0.03		0.02		not yet[1]

There are far too few "no"'s in the last column..

This assumes that changelogs are being kept up to date, of which I am
not sure. And the cdebconf reorganization is holding a lot of stuff up.

We need to try to do better at building and uploading d-i packages after
modifying them. Getting them autobuilt on as many architectures as
possible and finding porting bugs and making them available to all who
are building d-i images are important and it won't happen unless they're
in the archive. Can we try to do a bit better in this area?

see shy jo

[1] unreleased, pending cdebconf reorg
[2] but the previous version should be in the archive at least
[3] lacks debian/changelog

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