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Re: [d-i] debconf, partitioning widget?

* Eduard Bloch 

| #include <hallo.h>
| Tollef Fog Heen wrote on Wed Jul 17, 2002 um 09:25:19AM:
| > Are you, or somebody else ready to continue developing b-f?  Note,
| > _developing_, not maintaining.  I am not willing to do that.  I want
| > to make d-i happen, however.
| What do you understand under "developing"?

Adding support for EVMS, LVM, the Hurd, *BSD as a start.  Add various
frontends to it -- both text-only and GUI ones.

I don't think you can reasonably do that within todays boot-floppies.

| It does what it has been designed for.

it hasn't been designed.

| > d-i does not require large media either.  (Or rather, it does today,
| > but that can be fixed if anybody cares enough.  And do we know how
| > many actually install base from floppies?)
| But more RAM.

not necessarily.

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