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Re: [d-i] debconf, partitioning widget?

#include <hallo.h>
Anthony Towns wrote on Mon Jul 15, 2002 um 08:19:39PM:

> That seems like a fair chunk of effort, and relying on libparted being
> stable and usable (when we've never tried it before), _and_ signficantly
> enhanced, seems like a good way of adding another long delay before we
> can get the next release out.

We can stick with boot-floppies for Woody+1 and release Debian-4.0 with
DI ;)

> Just getting the installer to work on Debian (with the 11 arches we have,
> and the extra ones waiting in the wings, not to mention the huge range of
> system capabilities we expect to work with) is a pretty hefty challenge.

In addition, our disk management frontend should be able to handle LVM
and RAID devices, IMHO. And have some auto-setup functions for them.

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checking if e=mc^2... ok
checking if we can safely swap on /dev/fd0... yes
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