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Re: About the infinite loop

#include <hallo.h>
Adam Warner wrote on Fri May 03, 2002 um 09:03:01PM:

> So the unstable check doesn't work for this package because the install
> disks only download woody anyway. But when something goes wrong we still

Yes. We should make a policy that every package build with Priority=high
or which is not supposed for daily use has to be built in a clean
(frozen/testing) environment and not on the maintainers system.

> "On the upside, woody itself is ready to be released."
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2002/debian-devel-announce-200204/msg00020.html
> But what _would_ be good timing for the release Eduard? Perhaps
> everybody is simply feeling pressure because it has been so long since
> the last release.

This pressure is caused by some kind wrong handling of development

 - There is currently no unstable where you can really test new stuff
   without risking to get it into Testing.
 - OTOH Testing is expected to be allways in releaseable state while
   there is no chance to test some packages that are targeted for
   end-use, such as base-config.

> > > If there is no mechanism to roll back to earlier packages that are know
> > > to work when something really bad goes wrong, why not?
> [Ouch. A hastily written sentence] Translation: Why is there no
> mechanism to roll back packages?

Who should implement this, and how would you _control_ a such mechanism?

> > The whole packagement system depends on the package versions. You cannot
> > just make the old package appear as an update without rebuilding it. And
> > exactly the build prozess was faulty in this case.
> [It's not immediately apparent why the package indices can't link back
> to the older file]

Why? The indices are used to generate the dependenices, and they are
normally treat in one direction: up.

> We know that the biggest problem with testing Debian installers is that
> hardly anyone needs to use them. The idea of doing a new install instead
> of using the package management system to perform an upgrade is foreign
> to most users and developers.

What do you mean with "new install"?

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