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Re: About the infinite loop

#include <hallo.h>
Adam Warner wrote on Fri May 03, 2002 um 06:06:45PM:

> How did this bug almost get into the offical release of Woody? Was the

Pretty simple - nobody tests base-config completely unless it gets into

> package tested before being distributed? If it wasn't for the security
> infrastructure holding back the release date of Woody, Debian could be
> in the midst of its worst PR fiasco with hundreds or thousands of CDs
> being recalled and the bad news completely overshadowing the release.

Yes, this is one reason why IMO the general timings of the Woody release
are very, very bad. This must change in Woody+1.

> If there is no mechanism to roll back to earlier packages that are know
> to work when something really bad goes wrong, why not?

The whole packagement system depends on the package versions. You cannot
just make the old package appear as an update without rebuilding it. And
exactly the build prozess was faulty in this case.

Ich glaube nicht, daß man dieses Stück in Software umgesetzte Scheiße über-
haupt mieser machen kann, als es sowieso schon ist. Das dürfte das einzige
Programm sein, das vom Verhalten und seinen Anwendern her schlimmer als XP
auf einem Amiga ist. - Manuel Richardt in ka.talk ueber Outlook Express

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