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Re: About the infinite loop

On 3 May 2002, Adam Warner wrote:

> So the unstable check doesn't work for this package because the install
> disks only download woody anyway. But when something goes wrong we still
> have to wait for the package to move from sid-->woody even though no one
> typically tests it in sid.

> I guess it really comes down to whether it is proper for no one to be
> testing packages until they hit woody, especially around the time of its
> release.

IMO, it is a glitch in the three tiered system we now have.  When slink and
potato were being developed everything was in testing/frozen.  If
something must be used in the next release then it should immediately go
into testing as each new version is built rather than unstable.

> We know that the biggest problem with testing Debian installers is that
> hardly anyone needs to use them. The idea of doing a new install instead
> of using the package management system to perform an upgrade is foreign
> to most users and developers.

As someone who produces CDs I am particularly interested in installations
from scratch.  With the old two tier system I knew where I was.  This time
round we did not have the same kind of freeze we had with slink and
potato, so I basically did not know where or when to start.

Maybe there needs to be a policy which states that any package that is
used in an installation goes into testing immediately.

> BTW thanks to the install disk developers. The disks are of very high
> quality. The best of any distribution I have used. Lots of options. Lots
> of freedom to do tasks out of order and no rampant paternalism (like
> refusing to proceed if a swap partition is not created).

Here, here.  I would also like to note that the installation disks go
straight into testing and not into unstable.


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