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Re: About the infinite loop

	On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 08:03, Joey Hess wrote:
> Ross Thomas wrote:
> > Just to add I had the same problem today with the idepci images. Rebooting
> > didn't help.
> > 
> > It's sitting in a vmware window right now. Anyone have any suggestions?
> Fixed in base-config 1.33.18 (Incoming).

It is still not possible to do a network install of Woody from the
official server without hitting the infinite loop. I just tried about an
hour ago. Any ETA for the fix?

The speed of fixing base-config was exemplary. Yet it has not been
properly distributed.

If critical problems are introduced with a package wouldn't the quickest
fix be to roll back that package/dependencies? And then spend a couple
of days getting a new package distributed? At least the earlier package
is known to work (and has already been accepted into the tree so a
waiting period, for example from sid-->woody, is not relevant). In the
rush to get a new package out compounded mistakes could be made.

How did this bug almost get into the offical release of Woody? Was the
package tested before being distributed? If it wasn't for the security
infrastructure holding back the release date of Woody, Debian could be
in the midst of its worst PR fiasco with hundreds or thousands of CDs
being recalled and the bad news completely overshadowing the release.

If there is no mechanism to roll back to earlier packages that are know
to work when something really bad goes wrong, why not?


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