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Re: Boot-floppies 3.0.19 question

reopen 123948

yup, we need to fix this.  I wasn't aware of the net-inst CD's.  All
we are doing is looking for the file "/.disk/info".  Perhaps we need
to peak inside to tell if it is official.

BTW, can we make these net-inst CD official perhaps?  Sounds really


Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 11:08:07PM +0000 wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-02-14 at 22:56, Ian Eure wrote:
> > Yes. I was using the default flavor on i386... It asks for the path on the 
> > install CD where it can find a Release file or a basedebs.tar file. It seems 
> > to completely skip the screen where you selected the the install media, as I 
> > no longer have the option to install via http/ftp/nfs... It just asks me to 
> > install from the CD.
> This sounds like fallout from #123948.  I suggest you either reopen that
> bug, or file a new one.  Either way, make sure the issue is logged in
> tbe BTS; that's the only way to be sure it will be dealt with.
> Clearly your netinst CDs shouldn't be getting detected as official
> Debian CDs.  Someone needs to figure out why this is occurring, and
> change either dbootstrap or the netinst images so that it doesn't
> happen.
> p.
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