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Re: Boot-floppies 3.0.19 question

On Thursday 14 February 2002 08:53 pm, David Kimdon wrote:
> reopen 123948
> quit
> yup, we need to fix this.  I wasn't aware of the net-inst CD's.  All
> we are doing is looking for the file "/.disk/info".  Perhaps we need
> to peak inside to tell if it is official.
Note that this applies to any CD made with debian-cd, since it makes the 
.disk/info file, even when it says it's an unofficial image.

> BTW, can we make these net-inst CD official perhaps?  Sounds really
> useful.
That would be great... I don't know if you can use my work, I hacked up the 
debian-cd boot-<arch> scripts pretty bad to get the images smaller, and also 
to allow boot-image-flavor selection for BIOSes that support ElTorito 
alternate boot images. For some silly reason, the boot-<arch> scripts copy 
the boot disk images into an 'install' directory, even though it's completely 
possible to boot from the copies in dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/ - 
Does anyone know why it does this? It's a pretty big waste of space, imo.

You can find my hacked version at http://people.debian.org/~ieure/netinst/ 
... it currently doesn't work properly with b-f 3.0.19, that will be fixed as 
soon as I have a new netinst release prepared... Later tonight or over the 
weekend, I imagine.

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