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Re: Boot-floppies 3.0.19 question

On Thu, 2002-02-14 at 22:56, Ian Eure wrote:
> Yes. I was using the default flavor on i386... It asks for the path on the 
> install CD where it can find a Release file or a basedebs.tar file. It seems 
> to completely skip the screen where you selected the the install media, as I 
> no longer have the option to install via http/ftp/nfs... It just asks me to 
> install from the CD.

This sounds like fallout from #123948.  I suggest you either reopen that
bug, or file a new one.  Either way, make sure the issue is logged in
tbe BTS; that's the only way to be sure it will be dealt with.

Clearly your netinst CDs shouldn't be getting detected as official
Debian CDs.  Someone needs to figure out why this is occurring, and
change either dbootstrap or the netinst images so that it doesn't


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