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Re: Things we need from sid

#include <hallo.h>
Herbert Xu wrote on Fri Jan 25, 2002 um 08:42:47AM:

> > kernel-image-2.4.x series for unuseable for most people. YOU KNOW THIS.
> > Manoj tries to do the best job - he often fixed the bugs quickly when I
> > reported something (and you often ignored this fixes). 
> More FUD.

I know, all arguments not agreed by you count as FUD.

> b) is absolutely unnecessary unless you've been listening to
> Eduard Bloch and have put crap into it.

I forgot to delete this - in the moment, I just remembered that the user
will still fail to change to ext3 (putting "auto" in fstab as described
in howtos), since you refused to apply my patch from #126889 and closed
the report instead. Good work.

> c) is something that has to be done anyway.

Sooner or later. Definitely later when installing Debian with a working 2.4 kernel.

> IMHO the current preinst/postinst scripts already handle it
> satisfactorily.

You know that this is a critical point and can cause
much frustration if something goes wrong. And it can go wrong.

> And the current release of 2.4.17 has no known initrd bugs.

I hope so.

> > Go and install with floppy disks, or fetch the packages with an
> > osziloscope and a hex editor. Have fun.
> I'd like to see you put the base system on floppies...

Yeah, remove your previous statement and make this sentence appear in
the wrong light...

> > > As long as the one in 2.2 works to the extent that an installation can
> > > be done, this is irrelevant.
> > 
> > How many people do replace the kernel just after the base install?
> Probably quite a few.  Anyway, this is a documentation issue.

So? Then I will tell my impression so far:

I try to:

 - limit number of flavors (getting more space for usefull programs on
   the CDs)
 - replace the patched flavors with a better solution
 - give users more freedom to choose the installation source
 - provide a smooth way for configuring the hardware (see previous mails)

You try to:

 - tell everyone that the new drivers are not needed
 - say that the current solution will be good for everyone, and for the
   next 1-2 years (release cycle), using a kernel which stopped beeing
   developed almost a year ago
 - say that everything is a documentation issue. People should better
   read docs and curse about complicated configuration with Debian
 - force everyone who wants 2.4 to use your, and only your packages

Finally, the new flavor does not cost YOU much. The vanilla installation
disk will still use 2.2.20. bf2.4 kernel package does not require your
to do anything but keeping the kernel-source as bug-free as possible. So
what are we talking about?

> > Count the drivers in 2.4.
> All the important USB network drivers are already in 2.2.20.

Importance changes with the number of sold devices. Having an
installation option with kernel 2.4 is like an investment into the
future compatibility.

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