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Re: Things we need from sid

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 08:42:29PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > Without initrd, you can include only so many hardware drivers.  And for all
> > of the important drivers that I can think of (such as NetGear FA311TX,
> > AICRAID, Promise Ultra IDE etc.), the support is already in at least one of
> > the latest 2.2 images anyway.
>  - This are patches
>  - ide patched kernel is reported to hang on some new chipsets while IDE
>    detection

Please give specific details rather than vague recollections.

> > 2. Support for ext3/reiserfs.
> > 
> > IMHO reiserfs simply isn't viable anymore.  So I don't really care
> 2.4 uses reiserfs-3.6 as default, 2.2.20 does not (and apparently will
> never) support it. Imagine someone downloads the Debian stuff to a
> ReiserFS partition under SuSE/RedHat (where reiserfs-3.6 has been used
> for epochs) and tries to mount it.

Please recall that we're discussing boot floppies here so existing file
systems do not matter.

> > Ext3 does not need boot floppies support.  Conversion after installation
> > of a 2.4 kernel is trivial.
> Not providing an Ext3 option as-default would damage Debian's reputation.


> > 3. Better support for auxiliary hardware such as sound cards.
> > 
> > A 2.4 kernel is only an apt-get install away so this has no place when
> Blah. You should know better than me that this is not true.

Please give details.

> > If there is another important reason for a 2.4 kernel, please let me know.
> As you wish:
>  - the 64MB detection limit, AFAIK this has been fixed in 2.4

No this was first fixed in 2.2.

>  - working Plug-and-Play. As someone in the list allready reported, we
>    allways have a problem with isapnp cards. Do you want a clueless
>    user to change to a second console and work with pnpdump and isapnp
>    just to make the damn thing work?

Not required for installation.

>  - network cards. You did include the natsemi driver - wow. But what
>    about many other cards and new releases (such as for Tulip cards),
>    which are not supported by 2.2.x?

It's funny that you raise tulip, because the tulip driver in 2.2 in fact
works much better than the one in 2.4.

>  - new ide chipsets. 2.4 has more and and much stable drivers.

As long as the one in 2.2 works to the extent that an installation can
be done, this is irrelevant.

>  - newer ISDN drivers. People installing with a (often sold) Fritc-PCIv2
>    card would "thank" us for using kernel-2.2.x.

Irrelevant for an installation.

>  - newer USB network hardware is not supported by 2.2.20. Same for other
>    possible installation media.

Like what?
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