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Re: URGENT! Install Base System via network: settings wrong

On Mon, 2002-01-14 at 07:37, Ariel Tankus wrote:
> I think it is weird to leave some files on older archives like potato's,
> forcing any mirror site to mirror also potato!

You'd have to take that up with ftpmaster.  I don't really know anything
about the details of how the archive is supposed to work.

> Now, my hypothesis is, that because of the missing file at my first
> attempt (using our local site), something went on wrong with the installation
> further on.  The base-config file seems fine on our site as well as on
> ftp.uk.debian.org, but still it was not downloaded OK (zero size).

Hmm, right.  Well, to confirm that, could you wipe your partition and
try again, but this time point the installer to a mirror that we know
does include all the right stuff (say ftp.uk.debian.org for example)?

It would also be interesting to know if you have the same problem
running debootstrap itself on an existing system, with your local
mirror.  Just do:

# apt-get install debootstrap
# mkdir /tmp/woody
# debootstrap woody /tmp/woody ftp://ftp.xx.debian.org/...


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