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Re: URGENT! Install Base System via network: settings wrong

>   I then tried a brand new installation, including formatting the partition.
>In this case, the whole installation, until the base system installation, went
>smooth.  Not a single error and no hack needed.  At the base system
>installation, the error message occured once again.

Okay.  First, can you just confirm which version of boot-floppies you were 

>   I'd be glad to do testing, but as for debugging I can't promise anything.
>What do you mean by debugging (I never tested boot floppies of a machine
>nor am I familiar with the code;  Can I run it with a debugger?  What is
>the testing methodology?)

I meant "debugging" in a fairly generic sense, as in figuring out what's wrong.
A good place to start would be to run the install up to the point where the
error occurs, then go to a shell prompt and inspect the Release file that
debootstrap claims is malformed, to see whether it was successfully downloaded
and contains a valid Components line. 


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