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Re: whiptail/dialog/modconf in bterm break on latin1 chars

#include <hallo.h>
Philip Blundell wrote on Sun Dec 09, 2001 um 03:33:09PM:

> I've checked a simple patch into modconf to add UTF-8 support for the "eval"
> files.  Have a look and see if it seems to be doing the right thing for you

No. It is even worse with the recoded modconf strings - I can reproduce
it on the host system.

> (for example, try "LANG=ja.utf-8 modconf").  Eduard, you might like to try
> the same trick for de.  If it seems to work on its own, it should be

Okay, I start bterm with the unifont.bdf (recoded). Now, I do

 unset LANG
 export LANG=de.utf-8 (as you said)

and when I start modconf, all lines are shortened after the first
non-ASCII char. On boot floppies (I built with *-utf8 variants,
double-checked), this effect does appear in the menubox, but in the
description text each non-ASCII letter is replaced with two ??.

> straightforward to make boot-floppies set the right environment variables.

I do not think that this is an problem of the enironment. Even if
something is set wrong, whiptail/libnewt may misinterpret some chars,
but not hide parts of lines, making the whole text unreadable.  Just for
fun, I set "LANG=ja.utf-8". And - almost the whole text was away, only
the labels of menu entries (ASCII) were visible.

If you ask me, there is an ugly bug somewhere in whiptail. If I do
something like: 
 whiptail --yesno "Test mit Umlauten: ä ö ü" 20 20

whiptail crashes, and sometimes the whole bterm freezes. Note that the
same works with dialog. OTOH, when I replace whiptail with dialog in
modconfs "dialog" file, it works sometimes (and even then it presents
UTF8 chars as 2-char-ascii sequences) but mostly it has even worse
picture than with whiptail.

So if you ask me: run modconf with LANG=C and don't change it unless
libnewt/whiptail upstream has fixed all the bugs.

Ich glaube nicht, daß man dieses Stück in Software umgesetzte Scheiße über-
haupt mieser machen kann, als es sowieso schon ist. Das dürfte das einzige
Programm sein, das vom Verhalten und seinen Anwendern her schlimmer als XP
auf einem Amiga ist. - Manuel Richardt in ka.talk ueber Outlook Express

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