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Re: whiptail/dialog/modconf in bterm break on latin1 chars

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#include <hallo.h>
Philip Blundell wrote on Sun Dec 09, 2001 um 01:08:56PM:
> >You mean there is no way to make it compatible with a normal charset?
> No.

Strange things happen. I can use modconf without any problem with:

 - bogl using framebuffer (rivafb and vga16 with 2.2.20udma100-ext3 kernel)
 - xterm with -b&h-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-normal-*-*-120-*-*-m-*-iso10646-1

but it fails to run within the installation environment. I guess,
something is going wrong because of the library reduction, so the
libnewt is a faulty mix of utf8 and non-utf8 aware routinges.

Another idea is the localisation. May the thing depend on locales in
some way?

> I thought we ran modconf with i18n turned off (ie locale set to "C") to
> avoid this kind of problem.  Where are these Latin1 strings coming from?

Currently not. But it will be needed again if the whiptail problem is
not fixed soon.

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